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BOXES Cast: Lauren Schneider

Posted by on Dec 18, 2014

BOXES Cast: Lauren Schneider

Some people were born to be on stage.

They steal focus without trying and they easily take up space with their personality and energy. That is Lauren Shneider.

Lauren Schneider is a 22-year-old, recent graduate from James Madison University, where she studied Media Arts and Theatre. This is her first production with Rose Prose, and she is excited to work with the excellent cast and crew of Boxes! She hopes to continue acting for film and live theatre alike for a long time.

When asked what she would do if she knew she was capable of greatness, she didn’t hesitate for a second:

“If I knew that I was capable of greatness, and I knew I could not fail, tomorrow I’d be on a plane to LA, to audition for a major role in what would be the movie that would jump-start my career as an actor.”

We are happy to have Lauren as a part of the cast and the RoseProse family.

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