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Meet Cast Member Eli El

Posted by on Apr 22, 2015

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Eli EL is a passionate theatre artist.

Actor/Director Eli EL

Actor/Director Eli EL



He began his career writing and producing original plays in college and local community theatres. He has since performed numerous original productions through his affiliation with AATD and other dramatic groups.

EL won a Best Director award from the DC Black Theatre Festival and is a regular in film and onstage in the DMV area. He has dedicated himself to becoming an expert and leader in film and theatre. RoseProse is lucky to have him join the 2015 production of BOXES!


Eli EL has completed and is currently involved with several independent film projects, shorts, web series’ and feature length films. You may have seen him in Landra V. Phillips’ CHOCOLATE CITY the series, or Skyrocket Productions’ film THICK. Most recently he starred in the stage play ‘ALL THE MAN I NEED.’ Don’t miss Eli EL May 15 and 16 in BOXES the play.

Eli EL on set

Eli EL on set

With all of his accomplishments, EL still maintains that “there is always room for improvement” and “you can learn
from anyone.” We expect greater and greater things from this talented actor and director. EL’s greatest achievements are his beautiful children, Bria, Ronald, Jr., Noah and EX (Ethan Xavier).

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