Boxes, the Play.

Keep what is true, and leave the rest behind.

The History of BOXES

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BOXES was written in October of 2008 by Ebony Custis while serving as a Foreign Service Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Port of Spain Trinidad. The Trinidad Theatre Workshop was instrumental in producing BOXES’ first staged reading as part of the theatre’s 50th anniversary celebration. The play was chosen by artistic director Albert Laveau and directed by acclaimed director and actor Mervyn de Goeas.

BOXES challenges audiences with this advice: Keep what is true, and leave the rest behind. The play looks at the lives of several characters who are forced to face their fears. Each character must make a decision – will they choose to acknowledge their inner greatness and move past fear? Or, will they succumb to doubt and frustration and decide to settle for less?

Boxes Director Mervyn de Goeas

BOXES is a play which tells the story of ordinary people who have allowed everyday issues to ruin their lives in extraordinary ways. Using 10 intriguing vignettes, the play explores the characters’ motivations for hiding desire, fear, and untapped potential inside of ‘boxes.’ The vignettes range from hilarious to tragic as each character struggles to unpack what they have hidden in order to believe once again in their own capacity for greatness.